Michael Moore

I’ve always kinda liked Michael Moore as a documentarian. In college I did a lot of research on his work and who he was. This is from when I was comparing his life written versus viewed. I found it interesting and wanted to save it, so now it’s on the blog. I hope someone besides me enjoys it!

Anyway, the chapter in Michael Moore, A Biography I read this week was called “Are you going to San Francisco?” I felt that when I watched the film Roger & Me the time that Moore spent in San Francisco was sort of skipped over, like it never even happened. This chapter opened my eyes a lot to what it must be like to work with a person like Michael Moore. His coworkers stated he was hard to work with and put down most ideas they came up with, even asking how they could ever think something like that was good. I’m sure I would have had a few rows with him if we ever were at odds working together. I also learned that he was bringing a girlfriend and her daughter to California alongside him. This came as a surprise because he tends to portray himself as a loner. When he began working for The Nation employees didn’t like working with him so much so that one worker would bring him donuts to hopefully instigate Moore’s demise. He was given a U-Haul truck and $52,000 as a settlement to him accusing Mother Jones of libel. He took the U-Haul back to flint and used the money to make Roger & Me, to great success. I’ve always admired his courage in taking on big corporations and big scandals but after this chapter it is quite obvious why he is still alone. He seems like a terrible person to be around as an equal.

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